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                       Tezpur Municipal Board was constituted in 1894 under the provisions of the municipal act. The municipal board cover an area of 7.10sqkm. The Board has a council of 19 elected ward commisioner. According to municipalty act  Tezpur municipalty is a Grade II municipalty. The demographical representation of municipal area according to 2011 census is 58,559. The slum population inside the municipal area is 6,672. The total house hold in a municipal area is 13,749. Tezpur Municipal Board provided different facility to public like “ Water supply,Street light, Construction of roads and drains, sanitation(lifting and cleaning of garbage)etc. Tezpur Municipal Board constructed 43.9kms of roads and 112.95kms of drains. Beside of this municipal board have 1 Burial gound, 7 Market, 33 community hall and 5 tanks/ponds.  
                        Over a period of time the ULB will have  to be self sufficient and thereof generate additional revenues from own sources to meet the requirements of urban peoples. Due to rapid growth of urban population and growing  urbanization has led to ever increasing demand on urban service. This will necessitate substantial investment in infrastructure and extensive capacity building of the local bodies.

CONTACT DETAILS:-03712-220008,220119,220020,233887

ADDRESS:Post Office Road , infront of Head Post Office , Tezpur

Phone number:- 03712-220008,220119,220020,233887

OFFICE E-MAIL ID:- chairmantmb@gmail.com


Sl.No Name of the post Name
1 Executive Officer Dr. Syed Tahidar Rahman
2 Chairperson Smti  Subhra  Dutta


1.NSAP – National Social Assistance Programme which came into effect for disbursement of pension that provides financial assistance to the elderly, widow and person with disabilities. NSAP is extended to cover all individuals leaving  below the poverty line (BPL) . The NOAP is renamed “ Indira Gandhi national Old Age Pension scheme ”( IGNOAPs). The NSAP expanded to include the “ Indira Gandhi National Widow Pension Scheme ” ( IGNWPS) for the widows age limit 40-60 Years and “ Indira Gandhi National Disability Pension Scheme ”  ( IGNDPs) for disabilities age limit 18-64 Years.

2.Night Shelters :- According to the National Housing Habitat Policy 1998,this scheme is necessary to  provide some kind of shelter to the absolutely shelter less Urban Populations including Street Children, destitute women and migrant labourers etc. who are urgent need to shelter to protect themselves against the vagaries of nature all through the year.

3.Street Light :-  This scheme is implemented for installation of  T-5  fluorescent  street light 
luminaries under municipal areas to avoid unwanted criminal activities.

4. DDP –  The District Development Plan (DDP) is the scheme for the development in a district. The district planning is the key ingredient  towards  inclusive growth & development.

5.NULM :- This is the upcoming scheme in a urban area. This  scheme is implemented to reduce poverty  and vulnerability of the urban poor households by enabling them to access gainful self employment and skill wage employment opportunities resulting in an appreciable improvement in their livelihoods. This scheme is help the urban poor peoples who are below the poverty line(BPL) on a sustainable basis through building strong grassroots level institution  of the poor. 

6. Devolution Fund :- Devolution fund is the statutory granting of powers. The devolution fund has been categorized into two components namely salary and non salary. The fund which has been released by the government mainly utilized for Salary purpose, and the balance amount  of the devolution fund used in non salary component. The fund of non salary mainly utilized for developmental work, specially construction of roads, drains and other development works.

7. 13th finance :- The 13th finance commission is a central scheme that define the financial relations between the centre and the state. The fund that was release from the central government may be utilized for vital schemes to be selected by local bodies. The fund is utilized for preparation of data base for software development , Construction of strom water drains/open drains and water supply etc.


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