List of various schemes

List of various health schemes

1. Mamata :
The ‘Mamata’ scheme seeks to reduce IMR and MMR, by insisting on a post-delivery hospital stay of 48 hours of the mother and the newborn. Any complication that may arise during this period is addressed by skilled doctors available at Govt. health institutions. During discharge from hospital, the mother receives a gift hamper called the ‘Mamata’ kit. This kit contains essential products for the baby viz. baby powder, baby oil, a mosquito net, a flannel cloth etc. After 48 hours of stay in government hospital, the ‘Mamata kit’ is given to the mother. Till date 10,01,923 ‘Mamta kit’ has been distributed since 2010-11 to 2013-14. .

2. Mamoni :
Cash assistance to Pregnant Women for Nutritional support @Rs. 1000/- in two instalments. “Mamoni” is a scheme of the Government of Assam that encourages pregnant women to undergo at least 3 ante-natal checkups which identify danger signs during pregnancy (needing treatment) and offer proper medical care. Under this scheme, at the time of registration, every pregnant woman receives a booklet on tips on safe motherhood and newborn care titled ‘Mamoni’. During subsequent ANC check up, the pregnant women are provided with an amount of Rs. 1000 (in two instalments, first for 2nd ANC an amount of Rs. 500/- is given and second instalment of Rs. 500/- for 3rd ANC as nutritional support) for expenses related to nutritional food and supplements. Every Govt health institution offers this services for the women who have registered in their place.
It is under “Assam Bikash Yojana”, State Govt. sponsored schemes under Health & Family Welfare Department. Till 20013-14, total 36,50,453 numbers of cheques has been disbursed.

3. Majoni:
Social assistance to all girl children born in the family up to second order is given a fixed deposit of Rs. 5,000/- for 18 years. On her 18th Birthday, the girl will be able to encash the fixed deposit. In case she is married before attaining 18 years of age, the fixed deposit will be forfeited. This scheme is applicable to families who are limiting themselves to two children. It is under “Assam Bikash Yojana”, State Govt. sponsored schemes under Health & Family Welfare Department. Till 2013-14, total 3,08,109 numbers of Fix Deposit has been issued (Source: ABY Report).

4. Morom - Financial Support to Indoor Patients of Govt. Hospitals :
The Morom scheme provide financial support to indoor patients of Government Health Institutions for supplementary nutrition and compensation for wage loss during hospitalisation and post hospital expenses. The facility is available for Indoor Patient admitted in Govt. Hospitals. Indoor patients admitted to a Hospital will receive benefit as follows:
For Medical College: Rs. 75/- per day for maximum 7 days.
For District Hospital: Rs. 50/- per day for maximum 5 days.
For SDCH/ CHC/ PHC: Rs. 30/- per day for maximum 5 days.
The scheme is effective from 1st May 2010. It is a Govt. of Assam sponsored scheme.
Amount paid under Morom scheme till 2013-14 is Rs. 2061.66 Lakhs.

5. Free operations for children having congenital heart disease:
Congenital heart disease (CHD) is a defect in the structure of the heart and great vessels which is present at birth. Heart defects are among the most common birth defects and are the leading cause of birth defect-related deaths. Approximately 9 children in 1000 are born with a congenital heart defect. The cost of treatment is very high. Government of Assam has initiated a scheme for free treatment of children with congenital heart defects in Narayana Hrudyalaya Hospital Bengaluru and Kolkata. According to the scheme, the government bears to and fro air-fare between Assam and Bengaluru/Kolkata for the patient and a guardian, all medical expenses incurred at Narayana Hrudayalaya Bengaluru and Kolkata and food and lodging expenses during treatment for the patient and a guardian.

It is a Govt. of Assam sponsored scheme. The scheme is effective from 1st July 2010. Guardian should be permanent residence of Assam and Annual Income should not exceed Rs. 6.00 lakhs per anum. The children between age group of 0-14 years are eligible for the scheme.
Total 2,114 children have been treated till 17th July 2014.

6. Sushrusha:-
Financial assistance to people who have undergone kidney transplantation. This is an initiative from government of Assam. Under “Sushrusha” scheme, an amount of Rs. 1 lakh is granted as financial assistance to people who have undergone kidney transplantation after 1st April, 2010. The scheme was launched on 23rd August 2010. The person who is a residence of Assam and whose income or guardian income does not exceed Rs. 3.00 Lakh per year shall be eligible for the scheme. Govt. Servants, Public Sector employees and employees who are entitle for medical reimbursement shall not be eligible for the scheme.
So far 243 numbers of patients have been given one time financial assistance of Rs. 1.00 Lakh till 17th July 2014.

7. Assam Arogya Nidhi (AAN):
The Assam Arogya Nidhi (AAN) Initiative provides financial assistance up to Rs.1, 50,000/- to BPL families and families having a monthly income of less than Rs. 10,000 (Rupees Ten Thousand) for general and specialized treatment of (i) life threatening diseases, (ii) of injuries caused by natural and manmade disasters, such as industrial/farm/road/rail accidents, bomb blasts etc. Life threatening diseases includes Heart Diseases and Heart Surgery, Cancer, Kidney and Urinary diseases, Orthopedic, Thallassemia, Bone marrow Transplant, AIDS, and chronic Mental Illness with Surgical Treatment. Beneficiaries are selected by a Selection Committee that has been notified by the Government of Assam. Under the AAN, Government of India contributes 50% of the funds sanctioned by the State Government.
The procedures that are admissible under the Assam Arogya Nidhi as per the Memorandum of Association are listed below:
Sl Category Procedures
1 Heart diseases and heart surgery
i. Pacemaker
ii. Disposal for internal procedures including
a. TMT
b. Echocardiography
c. Angioplasty
iii. Surgery for congenital heart disease
iv. Acquired heart disease
v. Graft for vascular surgery and stents
vi. Heart transplants
2 Cancer i. Radiation therapy
ii. Anti cancer chemotherapy
3 Kidney and urinary disease
i. Dialysis and related consumables
ii. For dialysis vascular shunt P.C.N. and P.C.N.L. kits
iii. Lithotripsy
iv. Disposable stents for Endoscopic surgical procedures
v. Kidney and liver transplants 4Orthopedics i. Artificial prosthetic limbs
ii. Hip and knee joints implant for replacement
iii. Internal fixate
iv. Bone diseases
v. A.O. Implants for fractures
vi. Spinal surgery
5 Thallassemia
i. Medicines for treatment of Thallassemia and Mechanical Infusion pump
Sl Category Procedures ii. Blood transfusion
6 Bone marrow Transplant
7 AIDS 8 Chronic mental illness with surgical treatment 9 Diagnostic techniques covered i. Ultrasounds ii. Doppler riders iii. Radio nucleotides scans iv. C.T. Scan v. Angiography of different organs vi. MRI 10 Drugs i. Immunosuppressive drugs ii. Anti TB drugs iii. Anti D iv. Anti Haemophile Globulin v. Erythropoietin vi. Blood & blood products/plasma for patients to burnt cases. Apart from all Govt. hospitals and health institutions, the empanelled Hospitals under the AAN include the following: Referral Hospitals outside the State: 1. Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi 2. B.M.Birla, Heart Institute, Kolkata 3. Escort Heart Institute & Research Centre Ltd. New Delhi 4. NarayanaHrudayalaya Institute of Cardiac Sciences, Bangaluru 5. Arvind Eye Hospital, Madurai 6. Mahavir Hospital & Research Centre, Hyderabad 7. Krishna Institute of Medical Science, Hyderabad 8. Madras Medical Mission, Chennai 9. Max Heart Institute , New Delhi 10. Global Hospital , Hyderabad/Chennai/ Bangaluru 11. Batra Hospital , New Delhi 12. Yashoda Hospital, Secundrabad/ Hyderabad 13. All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi 14. Apollo Hospital, Chennai, Hyderabad 15. Christain Medical College & Hospital, Vellore 16. Cancer Institute , Adiyer,Chennai 17. Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai 18. National Institute of Mental Health &Neuro - Science ( NIMHSNS), Bangaluru 19. Post Graduate Institute , Chandigarh 20. Gangaram Hospital , New Delhi 21. Prince Aly Khan Hospital, Mumbai 22. AMRI Hospital, Salt Lake, 23. Mission Hospital , Durgapur West Bengal 24. K Govindaswamy Naidu Medical Trust, Coimabator 25. Apollo Gleneagles Hospital Kolkata 26. DhirubhaiAmbani Hospital & Medical Research Institute , Mumbai 27. Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences , Kochi 28. Artemis Health Institute , Gurgaon 29. Asian Heart Institute , Mumbai 30. Medanta - the Medicity, Gurgaon ,Haryana 1. Down Town Hospital, Guwahati 2. International Hospital, Guwahati Nephrology 3. SankardevNetralaya, GuahatiOpthalmology 4. Dr. B. Baruah Cancer, Institute, Guwahati 5. GNRC/ INS, Guwahati 6. Hayat Hospital, Odalbakra, Lalganesh, Guwahati-34 7. North East Cancer Hospital and Research Institute, Progress under AAN: As on date, 822 patients have availed the benefits of the Assam Arogya Nidhi. The following pie diagram depicts the distribution of patients’ disease wise.

8.“Sneha Sparsha”:
“Sneha Sparsha” is the recent unique Health Care Initiative for Children launched by the Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Assam and launched in the year 2013-14 in the state. “Sneha Sparsha”, literally meaning the touch of love, is aimed at extending financial assistance for specialized treatment of children below 12 years of age afflicted with some serious ailments such as (1) Thalessemia requiring Bone Marrow Transplant, (2) Kidney Transplant, (3) Liver Transplant, (4) Cochlear Implant, (5) Limb deformities requiring artificial and motorized limb, (6) neurological anomaly like Hydrocephalus and Spina Bifida, (7) specialized eye surgery, (8) Blood cancer requiring chemo therapy, and (9) various solid tumors. Target group/ beneficiaries & criteria: Children below 12 years of age from families with annual income less than Rs. 2.50 Lakh while priority given to children belonging to BPL families. Govt. of Assam released Rs. 1000.00 Lakhs for the scheme.

9. Operation Smile :-
Free Surgery for children having cleft palate and lip. Department of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of Assam, NHM and Operation Smile jointly initiated a special drive for Cleft lip and Cleft Palate patients in the year 2009. A critical element towards fulfilling the vision of a “Cleft Free Assam” is the establishment of a Comprehensive Cleft and Child Care Centre which was set up at the Mohendra Mohan Choudhury Hospital, Guwahati for providing year-round surgical care to patients with cleft deformities. This centre is conceived to be a state-of-the art cleft care centre matching global standards to provide comprehensive care to patients of Assam having the capability of running 6 operating tables simultaneously. Target Group of the scheme: Patients living with untreated cleft lips or cleft palates. Eligibility for getting Benefits: All cleft lips or Cleft palates people. Total 11,860 nos of children having cleft lip has been operated under “Operation Smile” since inception till 14th July 2014.

10. Sanjeevani - Village Health Outreach Programme:-
Sanjeevani – Village Health Outreach Programme is once-amonth, fixed date outreach initiative that will result in converged health services at the Village level. Sanjeevani is being introduced throughout the state with 80 Mobile Health Units (MHU). Each MHU is being manned by Registration & Measurement Officer, Lab Technician, Pharmacist, ANM and Pilot. The services aims in early identification, Screening, referral, follow-up and free medicines for effective Chronic disease management. Based on the screening done in VHOP, the beneficiaries are referred to the nearest PHC for confirmation, prescription and commencement of treatment. Each MHU have a pre-defined calendar and route plan for delivering the services covering 2 villages and a population of 3000 each day on an average and 48 villages in a monthly cycle of 24 days. At present 80 MHU together cover about 4000 Villages every month for total population coverage of 62 lakh people of the state.
From 1st March 2011 to 13th July 2014, total 26,56,136 patients visit Sanjeevani services.


List of various Social Welfare schemes

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  • List of various schemes under District Rural Development Agency(DRDA)

    DRDA implements the following schemes in the district:---

    1. National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS): The National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (NREGS) aims at enhancing the livelihood security of people in rural areas by guaranteeing hundred days of wage-employment in a financial year to a rural household whose adult members volunteer to do unskilled manual work. The list of the sanctioned schemes wef. 06/07/16 is also put up in the district website: The details of the schemes and its implementation in the district can be sourced from:

    2. Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY): It was previously known as Indira Awaas Yojana (IAY) which provided housing to the rural poor. It is one of the flagship scheme of the Ministry of Rural Development to construct houses for BPL households. In 2015-16, financial assistance of Rs. 75000/- is provided to BPL households to construct their own houses in three installments. The houses are allotted in the name of the wife or jointly in the name of husband and wife. The beneficiary is solely responsible for the construction of the house and cannot use any contractor for the same. The details of the scheme and its implementation can be sourced from:

    3. Deen Dayal Antyodaya Yojana - National Rural Livelihood Mission (DAY - NRLM): It is a povery alleviation project implemented by the Ministry of Rural Development. It focuses on promoting self-employment and organization of rural poor. The idea is to organize the poor into Self Help Groups (SHGs) and make them capable for self-employment. More details of the scheme and its implementation in the district can be sourced from:

    4. Deen Dayal Upadhyaya Grameen Kaushalya Yojana (DDU-GKY): It is a youth employment scheme of the Government of India. It targets youth, under the age group of 15-35 years and aims at enhancing the employability of rural youth. More details of the scheme and its implementation in the district can be sourced from :
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