Sonitpur District Assam India


The Department of A.H. & Veterinary, Assam is an independent Department of Assam Govt. with its HQ at Guwahati, Chenikuthi, Dist:- Kamrup, Assam. It is headed by the Director of the Dept. and is assisted by his brigade of officers in different levels. The Sonitpur Dist A.H. & Vety. Dept. is headed by the Dist. A.H. & Vety. Officer with its HQ at Tezpur, Hatipilkhana. He is assisted by two Sub Divisional A.H. & Vety. Officers, one at Tezpur and the other at Biswanath Chariali. Moreover, to look after different projects like Artificial Insemination, fodder, Rural Dairy Extension etc. there is Officer In Charge, ICDP at M. Chariali, Tezpur. The Dept. has its glorious past history supporting the poor livestock owners in different fields. Along with treatment, vaccination, extension works, management of livestock etc. the Dept. also renders socio-economic assistance to the educated unemployed youths in pursuing their livelihood thus strengthening the National and state economy. The Dist. has a total of 54 no of officers at different capacities.

Infrustructure of The Department

  • Joint Director, Tezpur Zone. : 1 No
  • Deputy Director/DVO : District A.H. & Veterinary Office, Sonitpur, Tezpur
  • Asstt. Director : 2 nos.( O.C. ICDP, and Research Officer, CPBP)
  • SDVO & Equivalent cadre : 12 nos.
  • VO/BVO/VO (M)/VO(R)/Manager, DPF : 35 no.
  • Name of the Sub-Division : 3 nos
    • a.Tezpur
      b. Biswanath and
      c. Gohpur

    1. Regional A.I Centre 3 Dhekiajuli
    B. Chariali
    2. District Poultry Farm, Tezpur 1 Tezpur
    3. Livestock Farm, Napam 1 Tezpur
    4. Project Officer (Crash), Tezpur 1 Tezpur
    5. District Disease Diagnostic Laboratory, Tezpur 1 Tezpur
    6. Veterinary Hospital 2
    7. State Veterinary Dispensary 22
    8. Block Veterinary Dispensary 7
    9. R.P. Vigilance Unit, Chariduar 1 Chariduar
    10. CBPP Vigilance Unit, Daflagarh 1 Daflagarh
    11. Office of SDVO 2 Tezpur
    B. Chariali
    12. Office of the DVO 1 Tezpur
    13. Office of the OC, ICDP. Tezpur 1 Tezpur. M. Chariali
    14. Office of the Joint Director, North Assam Zone, Tezpur 1 Tezpur
    15. Nos. of Stock Man Centre, ICDP AI Centre 52
    16. Nos. of Vety. Sub-Centre (Sanctioned) 59

    Contact Details

    1. Director Dr. Soneswar Rava
    2. The Joint Director, Tezpur Zone Dr. P.C. Lahkar
    3. Sub Divn. A.H. & Vety. Officer, Tezpur Dr. B.K. Barman
    4. Sub Divn. A.H. & Vety. Officer, B. Chariali Dr. B. HazarikaTD>

    Address:-  Office of The District A.H. & Veterinary Officer N.T. Road, Hatipilkhana.Sonitpur, Tezpur. PIN-784001.Assam.



    1. Dr. Soneswar Rava, Director 9435046321
    2. Dr.P.C. Lahkar, Jt. Director, A.H. & Vety. Tezpur 9435507518
    3. Dr.P.C. Lahkar, DVO, Sonitpur, Tezpur 9435507518
    4. Dr. D.J. Bora, O.C, ICDP, Tezpur, Mission Chariali. 9435339268
    5. Dr. Pradip Gogoi, R.O, C.P.B.P, Barikachuburi 9435186522
    6. Dr. B.K.Barman, S.D.V.O, Tezpur. 9435081851
    7. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika, SDVO, Biswanath Chariali. 9434382636
    8. Bhupen Hazarika, S.D.V.O, Gohpur 9435382636
    9. Dr. Dilip Sarma, F.D.O, I.C.D.P, Tezpur. 9435180294
    10. Dr. Arun Borkataki, R.D.E.O, I.C.D.P, Tezpur 9435352492
    11. Dr. N.R.Pathak, C.D.O, I.C.D.P, Tezpur. 9954963530
    12. Dr. R.Bora, Manager, Govt. Livestock Farm, Napam. 9435095623
    13. Dr. D. Choudhuri, R.A.I.O, Korsontola 9864266595
    14. Dr. A.Barua, R.A.I.O, Dhekiajuli. 9435519524
    15. Regional Artificial Insemination Officer, Lehugaon, BNC. 9435180402
    16. Project Officer( Crash), Barikachuburi, Tezpur. 9435519213
    17. Asst. Poultry Dev. Officer, Tezpur.TD> 9435087831
    18. Dr. K.N.Sarmah, ARO, DDL, Tezpur. 9435185211
    19. Dr. P.K.Das, ARO, I.C.D.P, Tezpur 8876718938
    20. Dr. (Mrs.) I. Begum, V.O, Singri 7399297093
    21. Dr. (Mrs.) K. Basumatari, V.O, R.A.I.C, Dhekiajuli 9401057452
    22. Dr.(Mrs.) K.Basumatari, V.O, Dumduma 9401057452
    23. Dr. (Mrs.) K. Basumatari, B.V.O, Dhekiajuli 9401057452
    24. Dr. N. Sarma, V.O, Khelmati. 9435711871
    25. Dr. P. Sarma, V.O, Bihaguri. 9435182144
    26. Dr. K. Kalita, B.V.O, Gabharu 9435381420
    27. Dr. S. Hazarika, V.O, I.C.D.P, Tezpur. 9435081404
    28. Dr. (Mrs.) G.Das, V.O, DDL, Tezpur. 9864857525
    29. Dr. B.Saikia, V.O (M), Tezpur. 9859306879
    30. Dr. (Miss) M. Bordoloi, V.O, (R), Tezpur. 9435384604
    31. Dr. T.P.Phayel. B.V.O, Balipara. 9859145148
    32. Dr. T. Singh, V.O, Ranagapara. 9435222266
    33. Dr.(Mrs.) M. Das, V.O, V.I.G unit(R.P), Chariduar. 9435384014
    34. Dr. (Mrs.) M.Das, I/C V.O, Chariduar. 9435384014
    35. Dr. S. Mishra, B.V.O, Rangachakua 9435226401
    36. Sri B. Borthakur, V.F.A, Chamdhara.I/C 9854581862
    37. Dr. (Miss) M. Bordoloi, I/C V.O, Jamugurihat 9435384604
    38. Dr. (Miss) M. Bordoloi, I/C V.O, Panpur. 9435384604
    39. Dr. D. Talukdar, V.O, I.C.D.P, Korsontola. 9435505584
    40. Dr. Dr. D. Talukdar, I/C V.O, Sootea 9435505584
    41. Dr. Dr. D. Sarma, V.O, Nabapur. 9435182805
    42. Dr. M. Rahman, V.O, I.C.D.P, Lehugaon 8876160429
    43. Dr. M. Bharali, B.V.O, Burigong 9435384616
    44. Dr. N. Bhagawati, B.V.O, Gingia. 9707059620
    45. Dr. D. Katel, V.O, Bihali. 9859473120
    46. Dr. D. Katel, I/C V.O Bihmari 9859473120
    47. Dr. S.J. Das, I/C V.O, Halem Vety. Hospital. 9435189884
    48. Dr. S.J.Das, B.V.O, Chaiduar 9435189884
    49. Dr. R. Sarma, V.O, Gohpur. 9435383731
    50. Dr. Dr. U.Saikia, V.O, Dubia. 9854225206
    51. Dr. D.Pegu, V.O, Lohitmukh 9854388031
    52. Dr. D.Nath, V.O, Tezpur, Vety Hospital 9864107951
    53. Dr.(Mrs.) J. Dutta V.O, B.C.C.P, Tezpur 9707085226
    54. Dr. P.K.Das, Manager, Dist. Poultry Farm 8876718938

    OFFICIAL E-Mail Id: - dvoson12@gmail.com.


    Sl.No Name of the Post Name
    1. Director, A.H. & Veterinary Dept. Assam Dr. Soneswar Rava.
    2. Jt. Director, A.H. & Vety. Tezpur Zone Dr.P.C. Lahkar. I/C
    3. Dist.A.H. & Vety. Officer, Sonitpur, Tezpur. Dr.P.C. Lahkar
    4. Officer In charge, ICDP, Tezpur, Mission Chariali. Dr. D.J. Bora
    5. Research Officer, C.P.B.P, Barikachuburi Dr. Pradip Gogoi
    6. Sub Divisional A.H. & Vety. Officer, Tezpur. Dr. B.K.Barman
    7. Sub Divisional A.H. & Vety. Officer, Biswanath Chariali. Dr. Bhupen Hazarika
    8. Sub Divisional A.H. & Vety. Officer, Gohpur Dr. Bhupen Hazarika. I/C
    9. Fodder Dev. Officer, I.C.D.P, Tezpur. Dr. Dilip Sarma
    10. Rural Dairy Extension Officer, I.C.D.P, Tezpur. Dr. Arun Borkataki
    11. Cattle Dev.Officer, I.C.D.P, Tezpur. Dr. N.R.Pathak
    12. Manager, Govt. Livestock Farm, Napam Dr. R.Bora
    13. Regional Artificial Insemination Officer, Korsontola Dr. D. Choudhuri
    14. Regional Artificial Insemination Officer, Dhekiajuli. Dr. A.Barua
    15. Regional Artificial Insemination Officer, Lehugaon, BNC. Dr. G.Ch. Saikia
    16. Project Officer( Crash), Barikachuburi, Tezpur. Dr. Ananta Barua
    17. Asst. Poultry Dev. Officer, Tezpur. Dr. G. Kalita
    18. Asstt.Research Officer, Dist.Disease Diagnostic Lab., Tezpur. Dr. K.N.Sarmah
    19. Asstt.Research Officer, I.C.D.P, Tezpur Dr. P.K.Das
    20. Vety. Officer, Singri State Vety Dispy. Dr. (Mrs.) I. Begum
    21. Vety. Officer, R.A.I.C, Dhekiajuli. Dr. (Mrs.) K. Basumatari
    22. Vety. Officer, Doomduma State Vety Dispy. Dr. (Mrs.) K. Basumatari
    23. Block Vety. Officer, Dhekiajuli. Dr. (Mrs.) K. Basumatari
    24. Vety. Officer, Khelmati State Vety Dispy. Dr. N. Sarma
    25. Vety. Officer,BihaguriState Vety Dispy. Dr. P. Sarma
    26. Block Vety. Officer, Gabharu Dr. K. Kalita
    27. Vety. Officer, I.C.D.P, Tezpur.. Dr. S. Hazarika
    28. Vety. Officer, DDL, Tezpur. Dr. (Mrs.) G.Das
    29. Vety. Officer, (Mobile), Tezpur. Dr. B.Saikia
    30. Vety. Officer,(Reserve), Tezpur. Dr. (Miss) M. Bordoloi
    31. Block Vety. Officer, Balipara.. Dr. T.P.Phayel.
    32. Vety. Officer, Ranagapara State Vety. Dispy. Dr. T. Singh
    33. Vety. Officer, Vigilance unit(R.P), Chariduar. Dr. (Mrs.) M. Das
    34. Vety. Office, State Vety. Dispy. Chariduar. Dr. (Mrs.) M.Das, I/C
    35. Block Vety. Officer, B.V.O, Rangachakua. Dr. S. Mishra
    36. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Dispy. Chamdhara Sri B. Borthakur, VFA
    37. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Dispy. Jamugurihat. Dr. (Miss) M. Bordoloi, I/C
    38. Vety. Officer,State Vety. Dispy, Panpur. Dr. (Miss) M. Bordoloi, I/C
    39. Vety. Officer,. V.O, I.C.D.P, Korsontola. Dr. D. Talukdar
    40. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Dispy. Sootea. Dr. Dr. D. Talukdar, I/C
    41. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Dispy. Nabapur, BNC. Dr. D. Sarma
    42. Block Vety. Officer, Block Vety. Dispy, Burigong. BNC. Dr. M. Bharali
    43. Block Vety. Officer,. Block Vety. Dispy. Gingia. Dr. N. Bhagawati
    44. Vety. Officer,State Vety. Dispy, Behali. Dr. D. Katel
    45. Vety. Officer,Halem Vety. Hospital. Dr. S.J. Das
    46. Block Vety. Officer, Block Vety. Dispy. Chaiduar. Dr. S.J. Das
    47. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Dispy, Gohpur. Dr. R. Sarma
    48. Vety. Officer,State Vety. Dispy, Dubia. Dr. U.Saikia
    49. Vety. Officer,State Vety. Dispy. Lohitmukh. Dr. D.Pegu
    50. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Hospital,Tezpur, Dr. D.Nath
    51. Vety. Officer,B.C.C.P. Vigilance Unit, Daflagarh. Dr.(Mrs.) J. Dutta
    52. Manager, Dist. Poultry Farm,Tezpur. Dr. P.K.Das
    53. Vety. Officer,I.C.D.P, Lehugaon, BNC Dr. M. Rahman
    54. Vety. Officer, State Vety. Dispy, Bihmari. Dr. D. Katel

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